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Diabetic and not aware? Five signs you can’t ignore.

14 Jul, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Roopandeep Singh
  • Fatigue - One always feels less energy in spite of taking adequate rest as the high blood sugar in blood stream compromises the circulation and the tissues remain deprived of nutrients and oxygen. There is shortage of fuel for the cells to work as the hormone responsible for the entry of blood sugar into tissues in hampered in diabetes.
  • Increased Hunger – Blood sugar is the major fuel for the normal functioning of the body. In uncontrolled diabetes there is a lack of insulin in the body which is responsible for the entry of blood sugar in tissues. So the food eaten is not being taken up by the body as energy source and body always asks for more which makes person crave for food more frequently.
  • Increased thirst – Due to raised osmolarity of blood by high glucose levels blood becomes more concentrated which increases the water intake of a person to maintain the osmolarity.
  • Frequent urination – In hyperglycemia kidneys always normalize the concentration of glucose in blood via excretion of glucose in urine, water follows the glucose concentration passively which leads in abnormal high urine output.
  • Weight loss – In today’s modern era everyone is looking for different ways to lose weight. But one needs  to worry if there is unexplained weight loss(over 5% of body weight). As this could be the symptom of diabetes.  Insufficient insulin prevents the utilization of glucose by the body which ultimately leads to the burning of fat and muscle for energy, causing an overall reduction in body weight.